Monday, September 27, 2021

public health

Educationists hail return to school as debate continues over health concerns

While many remain concerned over the high number of Covid-19 infections, others especially from the B40 group say they have been struggling to follow home-based learning.

Fight against Covid-19 will fail if political crisis continues, says analyst

Azmi Hassan points to the Sabah election as an example of how political factors outweighed public health interests.

Education might have to take one for the team, economist says on ‘Covid-19’ budget

Public universities might have to tighten their belts as funds are needed to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Putrajaya’s election reforms chief against snap polls during pandemic

Smaller parties would suffer under Covid-19 regulations, in addition to the health risk involved, he says.

Why a second lockdown is unnecessary for now

Individual areas with spikes in cases should be locked down, not the entire state or country.

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