Thursday, January 20, 2022


Rosmah claims conspiracy in appointment of Sri Ram as prosecutor

She says former AG Tommy Thomas conspired with Sri Ram to 'persecute' her.

Prosecution agrees to give copy of Sri Ram’s appointment letter to Rosmah’s defence team

The defence claims that no such letter of appointment was made, saying they are considering whether to apply for a mistrial.

Najib seeks bank documents for defence in 1MDB case

He says the documents which are vital to his trial were not made available to his defence team before his case began.

China targets Uighurs with more prosecutions, longer prison terms, says rights group

HRW says police, prosecutors and courts have been placed under pressure to 'deliver swift and harsh punishment' in the name of counter-terrorism, causing many to be imprisoned without committing any genuine offence.

Najib fails to remove Sri Ram from prosecution in 1MDB audit report trial

Judge says there is no merit to Najib's allegation that Sri Ram was involved in the investigation against him.

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