Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Swedish prisoners take guards hostage, demand pizza as ransom

According to Swedish media reports, the hostage-takers made two demands – a helicopter to escape and 20 pizzas for the other inmates.

Locked behind bars with the spectre of Covid-19

With Sarawak prison inmates not yet on the list for vaccination, a father worries for the safety of his son who still has two and a half years to serve.

French woman who killed rapist husband spared more jail time

Valerie Bacot was sentenced to a four-year term with three years suspended but walked free as she had already served a year in pre-trial detention.

US ex-cop sentenced to over 22 years for George Floyd murder

The judge says his sentence was 'not based on emotion or sympathy', but the law.

McAfee founder found dead by suicide in Spanish jail

John McAfee had been in jail in Spain since he was arrested at Barcelona airport in October 2020, just as he was about to board a flight to Istanbul.

Singaporean woman jailed 30 years for torturing, killing maid

Piang Ngaih Don was stamped on, strangled, choked, battered with brooms and burnt with an iron, according to court documents.

Covid-19 sweeps through Thailand’s overcrowded prisons

Almost 25,000 people have tested positive in jails, where inmates living cheek by jowl have been encouraged to keep wearing their masks even while they sleep.

US approves release of oldest prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

The US has long asserted that it can hold detainees indefinitely without charge under the international laws of war.

More than 100 asylum seekers in NZ locked up in prisons with hardened criminals

One man spent more than three years in a prison cell before being granted refugee status.

NGO calls for action over Jelebu prison abuse

Sebaran Kasih says the police and prison officers must know the limits of their power.

Families claim Jelebu prison inmates beaten, sprayed with chilli powder in police custody

The wife of one of the inmates says her husband is traumatised and contemplating suicide in prison.

Over 1,800 prisoners blasted out of Nigerian prison by armed gang

Prison officials have reported that 35 inmates refused to escape, and six who did abscond have now voluntarily returned.

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