Monday, September 27, 2021


Pollution turns Argentina lake bright pink

The colour is caused by sodium sulfite, an anti-bacterial product used in fish factories.

Smog tower to help Delhi breathe but experts sceptical

They say while smog towers may work they are just a pinprick against the vehicle fumes, construction dirt, industrial emissions and agricultural stubble burning that engulf the city.

Sri Lanka to sue Singapore ship owners over marine pollution

Tonnes of microplastic granules have inundated the South Asian nation's famed beaches, forcing a fishing ban and sparking fears of ecological devastation.

Plastics from burning ship cover Sri Lanka beach

Navy personnel in hazmat suits have been sent to clean millions of plastic granules mixed with burned oil and other residue that covered Negombo beach, 40km north of the capital.

Pandemic mask mountain sets new recycling challenge

Around 129 billion disposable masks are used every month around the world, according to the American Chemical Society.

A new norm for a healthier planet

The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates that systemic changes must be made to address the environmental drivers of pandemics.

Villagers in rural Kedah fear fallout if quarry project continues

They are concerned about the damage to the environment as well as the dangers to their own health and safety.

Biggest sandstorm in decade turns Beijing skies yellow

The city government ordered all schools to cancel outside sport and events and advised those with respiratory diseases to stay inside, while some highways were partially closed.

In India, 71kg of garbage found in stray cow’s stomach

Previous surgeries done by the People For Animals Trust Faridabad organisation have found up to 50kg of waste in cows' stomachs.

Throw out your throwaway culture, green group urges global corporations

Saving the seas from single-use plastic can’t be done by consumers alone.

Plastic bag charge won’t cut it, says activist in anti-pollution push

A more effective approach would be a holistic one targeted at enforcing alternative delivery systems based on re-use and refill.

Human activity threatens species survival, study says

UN study finds that most species have increased the distance they travel due to human influence, by 70% on average.

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