Tuesday, October 26, 2021


The futility of an anti-hopping law

A political funding law, meanwhile, would prevent the recurrence of infamous bribery cases such as 1MDB and ensure that the flow of money for political activities is legitimate.

5 things we don’t want to see in the upcoming Parliament sitting

As the upcoming session is only five days and held after a prolonged hiatus, it is all the more important to make the best of it.

Going more than skin-deep with poverty porn

While poverty porn can raise awareness about those in real need of assistance, it is not enough to merely hand out aid at heavily publicised events, says analyst.

Of Wangsa Maju weather and the Covid-19 pandemic

Unexpected disasters, chaotic disruptions, disorganised responses from authorities - the parallels are uncanny.

Close ranks to fight Covid-19, Agong tells politicians

He urges politicians to be a role model for the people to ensure the well-being of the country.

Canadian leaders caught sunning on foreign beaches after telling everyone to stay home in the snow

More than a dozen high-profile politicians were caught taking beach vacations, causing a ferocious outcry from Canadians.

Setting an example or jumping vaccine queue? Rank-and-file lawmakers bashed in US

Some say rank-and-file politicians could step aside for others more needy such as healthcare professionals and the elderly.

Politics a tough act to follow for showbiz stars

They may be good on-screen, but politics demands a whole new different act.

Getting on in years: Behind Malaysia’s tendency towards older politicians

The political experience needed to hold positions in government comes with age, say analysts.

Agong rules no emergency, but warns politicians out to disrupt stability

The king says politicians should immediately cease any politicking that could disrupt the stability of the nation's administration.

Editorial: Where we went wrong with our scoops

In exposing the ugly truth of our political pandemic, we may have distracted Malaysians from a greater threat.

No more hiding soon, politicians told on links with tycoons 

The marriage between business and politics, or rather politicians, has taken a new dimension in the internet age.

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