Tuesday, April 20, 2021

police report

Cops urge Zahid, Anwar to lodge report on leaked phone call

Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador says action will be taken only when the individuals involved have lodged their reports.

PKR woman at centre of sex assault probe breaks silence

PKR activist Yuslaini Azmi says she hopes her allegations against Faiz Fadzil will not be politicised.

PKR woman names Amanah politician in sex assault report

The 31-year-old accuses the state assemblyman from a northern state of fondling her.

Cops begin probe into ex-AG’s book

Police have so far questioned the publisher of the book on its contents.

Ex-AG against ex-AG as Apandi urges police probe on Thomas

Apandi Ali says Thomas' autobiography contains baseless accusations.

Bukit Aman probes Anwar for urging Agong to revoke emergency

The PKR president is being investigated under laws on public disorder and internet abuse.

MACC lodges police report after accused of threatening suspect in Macau scam probe

The suspect reportedly claimed that an official had threatened to arrest his mother if he did not admit to being involved in the scam.

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