Friday, May 27, 2022

PM candidate

How much will PM candidates affect outcome of GE15?

While Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan have already named their candidates for the top post, Perikatan Nasional has yet to announce a decision.

Ismail appointed by Agong, no need Dewan vote, says AG

Idrus Harun says any requirement for further validation would call into question the authority of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in the prime minister's appointment.

The opposition’s longest PM candidate may have overstayed his welcome

Analysts contrast PH's fixation with Anwar with the flexibility shown by its enemies in finding successors.

PKR-Amanah spat over Anwar spreads to Penang

Conflict continues over the PKR chief's leadership following PH's failed bid to regain federal power.

Ismail’s appointment as PM, Umno’s best shot at redemption?

Analysts say Umno under Zahid Hamidi will have trouble regaining the support of the people in the next general election.

We will remain under Anwar’s leadership, PH says after failed bid for power

Top leaders say cooperation will be extended with other opposition blocs under the 'big tent' approach.

Ismail Sabri clocks in as prime minister

He is scheduled to make his first official working visit today to areas in Kedah affected by floods last week.

Ismail thanks Muhyiddin, offers opposition a role in recovery plan

He calls for unity from all quarters in his maiden speech as prime minister.

Ismail Sabri sworn in as PM

This comes after he received the support of 114 out of 220 MPs.

The colours of Ismail: From student leader to second pandemic prime minister

He has a colourful past in campus activism and is the only former opposition leader to be appointed as prime minister.

I feel relieved, says Muhyiddin as he talks about God, cycle of life, and worldly positions

The outgoing prime minister says he expects historians to include only a short footnote about his tenure.

Tony Pua lashes out at opposition after Ismail confirmed for top post

He had previously courted criticism for urging the opposition to consider the offer of a cross-party consensus by Muhyiddin Yassin.

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