Saturday, September 18, 2021


Survivors spotted after plane goes missing in Siberia

All the passengers and crew appear to have survived.

Russian plane missing in Siberia with 17 on board

The plane's emergency beacon is said to have been activated, and a search is underway.

Wreckage of passenger plane found in eastern Russia

But Russia's aviation agency says rescue operations will be difficult given the geographic features of the landscape.

Contact lost with passenger plane in Russia’s Far East

A search has been launched involving at least two helicopters and rescue workers are on standby.

29 killed in Philippine military plane crash

A search is still under way for 17 missing people.

Business class bat on Air India flight causes a flap

An official for Air India speculated that the bat may have entered the aircraft when it was being loaded with in-flight catering.

No loitering by Israeli plane in Malaysian airspace, says transport ministry

It says the plane did not return to Malaysian airspace after arriving in Singapore.

Voice recorder of crashed passenger jet found, Indonesia says

The cockpit voice recorder could provide vital clues to what the desperate crew was saying when the flight from Jakarta to Pontianak in Borneo went down.

Indonesian plane feared crashed after losing contact

The plane took off on Saturday afternoon and a search and rescue operation began with no official results available on Saturday night.

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