Friday, July 1, 2022


Australian flood disinformation sparks threats to pilots

Conspiracy theorists spread the false claims after weeks of torrential rains led to deadly east coast floods over the past two months, engulfing homes and sweeping cars from the roads.

Pilots raise alarm at Qatar Airways over doctored hours, hidden fatigue

Pilots say that to manage new flights with smaller crews, the airline is under-counting work hours to maximise operated flights while technically playing by the rules.

Leaked memo says rusty Qantas pilots making errors, says report

The memo by Qantas' fleet operations chiefs reportedly says the Covid-19 related disruption to flights means pilots have less recent flight experience, a requirement known as 'recency'.

Hong Kong says Omicron has spread despite Covid restrictions

Hong Kong's last Covid-19 case tracked outside its quarantine facilities and hotels was discovered in October.

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