Friday, May 27, 2022


Jewish worshippers clash with police at pilgrimage site

Israeli police say 'dozens of extremists' broke into a section of the religious site while 'wildly flinging the fences and endangering human life.'

Saudi Arabia expands haj to 1 million pilgrims, easing Covid curbs

Pilgrims to Mecca this year must be under 65 and fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Court allows Zahid release of passport to perform umrah pilgrimage

High Court judge allows his application after the lead prosecutor says the prosecution was instructed not to object.

Compulsory booster jabs for umrah a requirement by Saudi Arabia, says religious affairs minister

Idris Ahmad says Saudi Arabia has issued a circular with which Malaysia must comply.

Saudi Arabia to reopen borders for vaccinated umrah pilgrims

Authorities will begin accepting travel requests from Aug 9.

Pilgrims arrive in Mecca for second pandemic haj

This year's haj, with participants chosen through a lottery, is larger than the pared-down version staged in 2020 but drastically smaller than in normal times.

Saudis approve Sinovac vaccine

This will allow millions of Muslims who have been administered with the Chinese vaccine to perform the haj or umrah to Mecca.

Socially distanced robots serve Mecca holy water ahead of haj

Roughly 20 robots are currently available for helping visitors and pilgrims at the haj.

Saudi to host scaled-down haj for citizens, residents already in kingdom

Only 60,000 vaccinated nationals and residents will be allowed to perform the annual pilgrimage.

At least 44 dead in Israel pilgrimage stampede

The pilgrimage was largest public gathering since the pandemic began, with reports that there were three times more people there than authorised.

‘Immunised’ Muslim pilgrims in Mecca as Ramadan begins

Only immunised pilgrims are eligible for permits to perform the pilgrimage and to attend prayers in the Grand Mosque during Ramadan.

Saudi to allow only ‘immunised’ pilgrims to Mecca

Only those who have received two doses of the vaccine, those administered a single dose at least 14 days prior, and people who have recovered from the infection will be eligible for permits.

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