Saturday, July 17, 2021


Pentagon defends secretive exit from Afghan airbase

Afghan military officials had complained that they were not told in advance that US forces would leave in the early hours last Friday.

US could slow Afghanistan exit, says Pentagon

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says the September deadline remains in place although the pace can be adjusted based on conditions.

US intel report on UFOs ‘inconclusive’

The report, ordered last year, is to be submitted to Congress by the end of June by the director of national intelligence.

Biden’s team overrode Pentagon’s urging on Afghanistan withdrawal

The Pentagon spent more than a decade urging three different American presidents to stay in Afghanistan.

Russia and China warn US Navy to steer clear as warships near both ‘backyards’

Moscow and Beijing are separately accusing Washington of provocative behaviour over Ukraine and Taiwan.

Stepped up North Korea nuclear reprocessing report alarms Pentagon

North Korea has used its radiochemical lab to reprocess plutonium for nuclear bombs before.

One-third of US military refusing Covid-19 vaccine, says Pentagon

The US Defense Department continues to classify Covid vaccines as optional because they have yet to receive full approval from the Federal Drug Administration.

15,000 troops from National Guard mobilised for Biden inauguration

They will come equipped with riot gear and weapons, but so far they have not been authorised to arm themselves while on the streets of the US capital.

Biden strives for diversity as he chooses black ex-general as Pentagon boss

As he is believed to have won the presidential race thanks to minority votes, Biden is under pressure to choose minority candidates for cabinet posts.

China ‘not behind disappearance’ of second US naval facility in Cambodia

Phnom Penh has repeatedly denied secret deals to let Beijing station forces at the base.

Top US military brass quarantined after White House reception

The White House reception did not feature social distancing or masks.

Cambodia confirms it demolished US-built naval facility

The US is worried about China's growing military influence in Southeast Asia.

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