Thursday, October 28, 2021

party hopping

Nothing futile about an anti-party hopping law

Singapore, for example, has had an anti-party hopping law for nearly six decades now.

Anwar turns to ex-AG over claims ruling MPs spared from 1MDB charges

The PKR president meets MACC chief Azam Baki on the back of claims that his party's MPs are being induced to cross over to the ruling bloc.

PKR veep Xavier quits party

The long-time PKR member announces immediate resignation, citing 'extreme frustrations'.

MACC opens probe on RM10 million offer claim for MP to switch parties

MACC says witnesses have been identified and statements are being recorded.

No RM10 million offer to jump ship, says PKR MP

This follows the MACC report lodged by Natrah Ismail over an alleged attempt to procure her support for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Time to be honest about crossing the aisle

Elected representatives should be held to the same standards when it comes to party-hopping, regardless of political affiliation.

PKR defends Amanah party hoppers

It says members within the Pakatan Harapan coalition can switch parties but not to the 'enemy side'.

Stop the hypocrisy, Amanah tells PKR as rift widens over PH intra-hopping

This comes as Amanah loses five of its assemblymen in Selangor and Johor.

Lawyer says anti-hopping law crucial before next GE

This would not only restore trust in elections, but also allow the victors to focus on governing without being sidetracked by threats of defections.

Zuraida says ready to fight PKR’s ‘utterly frivolous’ suit

The Ampang MP says her former party is ignorant of the constitution and past judgements.

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