Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Indonesia to lift palm oil export ban

President Joko Widodo says the supply of bulk cooking oil has now reached a level greater than what the domestic market needs.

Indonesia MPs seek palm oil export ban review as industry warns on storage

Indonesia, the world top palm oil exporter, has since April 28 halted exports of crude palm oil and some derivative products in abid to tame soaring prices of domestic cooking oil.

Indonesian farmers stage protests against palm oil export ban

They say: 'Malaysian farmers are wearing full smiles, Indonesian farmers suffer.'

Indonesia’s flip-flops give Malaysia edge in top palm oil market India

Indian oil consumers are keen to increase Malaysian deals and reduce their reliance on Indonesia.

Why are food prices going up, and when will they come down?

The people most impacted by higher food prices live in the developing world, where a larger percentage of incomes is spent on food.

Govt aims to regain palm oil market share in EU amid global shortage

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says the government 'will not want to waste a good crisis'.

Indonesia’s palm oil export ban does not threaten EU supply, say producers

The EU imports about 335,000 tonnes of crude palm oil from Indonesia on average per month, representing over 40% of total crude palm oil imports, EU vegetable oil group FEDIOL says.

Indonesia’s palm oil export ban heats up vegetable oil market

An economist says Indonesia's export ban, designed to bring down prices in the country and limit shortages, 'comes at the worst time'.

Indonesia suspends all exports of palm oil

Indonesia produces about 60% of the world's palm oil, with one-third consumed by its domestic market.

Indonesia’s palm oil industry braces for upcoming export ban

The restrictions imposed by Indonesia have driven up global edible oil prices as supplies were already choked by other factors such as drought and shortages after Russia's invasion of major crop producer Ukraine.

Indonesia president’s rating slumps amid soaring cooking oil prices

Jokowi had the approval of 59.9% of the 1,200 people surveyed by Indikator Politik Indonesia, down sharply from the record high 75.3% in January.

Indonesia may widen palm oil export ban if local demand not met

Its palm oil export ban currently only applies to refined palm olein, although authorities say further export bans can be carried out if there is a shortage.

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