Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Israel completes ‘iron wall’ barrier on Gaza border

The 65km 'barrier' includes an 'underground barrier with sensors', a six metre-high smart fence, radars, cameras and a maritime monitoring system.

From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel’s ‘security’ experiment in Palestine became global

While Israel uses the convenient term 'security' to justify its practices against Palestinians, actual security has very little to do with what takes place at its checkpoints.

Cultural genocide in Palestine: On Sally Rooney’s decision to boycott Israel

Rooney, herself, has made it clear that her decision not to publish with Modan Publishing House, which works closely with the Israeli government, is motivated by ethical values.

Israel approves West Bank residency for 4,000 undocumented Palestinians

Inclusion in the Palestinian Population Registry, which Israel controls, will enable the group to receive identification cards to allow passage through Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank.

Israel recaptures last 2 Palestinian jailbreak fugitives

The huge manhunt lasted almost a fortnight, with the first four fugitives recaptured last week.

Israel captures 2 of 6 Palestinian jail breakers

The army says shortly after the capture was announced, a rocket was fired at southern Israel from the Gaza strip but was intercepted by Israel's 'Iron Dome' missile defence system.

Israel pours troops into West Bank to hunt down prison fugitives

The six staged their jailbreak on Monday through a hole they had dug under a sink in a prison cell, reportedly using a spoon.

Israel reportedly arrests family members of Palestinians who tunnelled out of jail

Israel has deployed drones, road checkpoints and an army mission to Jenin, the West Bank hometown of many of the men locked up for their roles in attacks on the Jewish state.

6 Palestinians escape Israeli jail, including top ex-militant

A massive manhunt for the group includes members from the police, army and agents from Israel's powerful internal security agency the Shin Bet.

Israeli settlers agree to leave flashpoint West Bank outpost

Under the agreement, the settlers will leave the Eviatar outpost within days but their mobile homes will remain and Israeli troops will establish a base in the area.

Protesters clash with Palestinian security forces after activist’s death in custody

Hundreds have taken to the streets of Ramallah, calling for Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas to quit.

Israel to allow Gaza ‘limited’ export of farm produce

Extra restrictions since intense violence last month has meant Gaza's farmers have been unable to export goods as usual, creating a glut of produce and causing prices to tumble.

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