Thursday, October 21, 2021


Poser over confidentiality of palace docs after politician’s office leaks letter to press

This follows an incident late last month when an MP from PKR shared the image of a letter purportedly from the Agong to the prime minister.

Kelantan sultan consents for palace to be used as jab centre

Istana Balai Besar in Kota Bharu is the only palace in the state to be used for this purpose.

Agong’s signature not essential for revocation of ordinances, says former top judge

Gopal Sri Ram cites a precedent set in a landmark constitutional case six decades ago showing that ultimate authority lies with the Cabinet.

Royal audiences with political leaders to discuss Covid-19 efforts, says palace

Istana Negara says the king met with 18 political leaders as well as the head of the Special Independent Committee on Emergency, Arifin Zakaria.

Close ranks to fight Covid-19, Agong tells politicians

He urges politicians to be a role model for the people to ensure the well-being of the country.

Agong can allow Parliament to convene during emergency, says palace

Istana Negara says this can be done at a suitable date on the advice of the prime minister.

What Anwar should do

Our concern should be the numbers brought to us each day by Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, not the numbers concocted by a certain politician or his supporters in the media.

Agong welcomes politicians’ spirit of consensus ahead of budget

He hopes Putrajaya will also refine every proposal submitted to the government on the budget so that it becomes 'inclusive and comprehensive'.

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