Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Pakistan larang kemasukan pelancong dari India, elak varian baru Covid-19

Setakat ini, Pakistan mencatatkan 761,437 kes dan korban seramai 16,316 orang.

West must penalise anti-Muslim hate, Pakistani PM says

He blasts 'extreme right politicians' in the West who spread hatred against Muslims 'under the guise of freedom of speech'.

France tells citizens to leave Pakistan amid violent protests over Prophet drawings

Muslims have denounced the French president since October last year, saying he defended drawings of the Prophet Muhammad as freedom of expression.

Backlash after Pakistan PM links rape to how women dress

Oxford-educated Imran Khan had said an increase in rapes indicated the 'consequences in any society where vulgarity is on the rise' and advised women to cover up to prevent temptation.

Hakim mahkamah anti keganasan, keluarga ditembak di Pakistan

Motif serangan tersebut masih disiasat pihak berkuasa.

Young Pakistanis queue to pay for Russian jabs as private sales begin

Most queuing were young Pakistanis still not eligible for government’s free vaccination.

Pakistan PM Khan desires peace with arch-rival India

He was replying to a letter from his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi which had called for peace.

Pakistan PM Khan tests positive for Covid-19, sparking fears over more vaccine hesitancy

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is high in Pakistan, particularly over Chinese vaccines.

India, Pakistan militaries agree to Kashmir border truce in rare joint statement

Kashmir has long been a flashpoint between the neighbours, which both claim the region in full but rule only parts.

Pakistan likely to need Covid-19 jabs from arch-rival India

Almost 90% of vaccines administered in Pakistan already come from India.

Shock as Pakistan orders release of Islamist convicted of beheading US journalist

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken calls the decision 'an affront to terrorism victims everywhere'.

Spared the worst of Covid-19, Pakistan’s poor abandon SOPs

While Pakistan managed to avoid the huge numbers of casualties authorities had feared, a social divide is appearing between those who observe SOPs and those who do not.

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