Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Over 8,600 cybersecurity incidents reported from January to November

The majority comprise fraud cases followed by intrusion and malicious code.

Bilangan peniaga platform Shopee meningkat lebih 2 kali ganda bagi 2021

80 peniaga tempatan yang menyertai Shopee pada 2021, berjaya menjana jualan lebih RM1 juta.

Study sheds light on poor online habits behind data breaches in Malaysia

The study commissioned by Google shows that some 57% of internet users have either experienced a data breach or know someone who has, with a number of bad habits identified as possible factors.

Keeping up with the lingo to safeguard children online

With children spending greater amounts of time online, especially in the age of the pandemic, parents will need to keep abreast of terminology that could raise red flags.

A day ‘at the zoo’ in pandemic times

Like many other activities, even trips to the zoo must now be done online.

Keep an eye on that screen time, parents warned as pandemic effects emerge

The overuse of gadgets affects more than children's eyesight, experts say.

Indian lawyers told to smarten up in virtual hearings

The Allahabad High Court in Uttar Pradesh state said that in recent times it had encountered 'a lady advocate with face pack on', among others.

Polis beri amaran sindiket penipuan tawar pekerjaan di Shopee

Shopee tidak pernah mengupah mana-mana pihak untuk mengambil pekerja baru melalui platform pesanan mereka.

High time for an Anti-Bullying Act

The Penal Code and Child Act 2001 are inadequate to protect children and adults alike from being bullied and discriminated against.

School sessions to resume online from June 13 and 14

This is in light of the continuing spike in Covid-19 infections, says education minister.

New study shows how Malaysian kids spend time online

YouTube was the most visited website, followed by Zalo, Facebook and TikTok.

Closure of Chinese online feminist groups sparks anger

China says it seeks to empower women and protect their rights, but it does not tolerate discourse that it feels could agitate social order.

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