Saturday, December 4, 2021

online shopping

Rise in e-commerce fraud with RM57.73 million losses this year

This is a significant increase from the RM22.39 million losses reported in 2018.

China’s ‘Single’s Day’ shopping fest subdued by tech crackdown

E-commerce platforms are keeping their heads down due to the government scrutiny, which targets alleged abuse of user data and monopolistic business practices.

Fake news, Shopee says on alleged sale of vaccine

The online shopping platform says no such listings have been found.

Big future for e-commerce despite retail tycoon’s doubts

Malaysia's e-commerce sector, established long before the pandemic hit, looks set to continue growing in the years to come despite recent dismissals of the future of online shopping.

Mydin boss tells why he’s no believer in online shopping

Ameer Ali Mydin says only 'two multinational suppliers' benefit from e-commerce.

Good old hardware stores experiment online but surviving big franchise onslaught anyway

Non-competitive prices and the headache of managing an online business are turning traditional hardware stores off the internet but they're keeping pace with big chains nonetheless.

Home deliveries of just about everything skyrocketed during UK lockdown

Nearly half of Britons have received more parcel deliveries since lockdown began, according to Royal Mail.

No talks yet on 20 sen fee for online purchases, ministry says

This follows an announcement to that effect by deputy minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin.

20 sen fee mooted for online purchases

This to raise a special fund to assist the B40 group, including to improve communications infrastructure in rural areas.

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