Wednesday, December 8, 2021

online learning

UM students question govt survey showing over 78% not stressed about online studies

They raise questions about the study's methodology and substance.

Singapore primary schools to shift online as virus cases rise

Primary One to Five students will move to home-based learning from Sept 27 to Oct 6 while Primary Six students will go on a study break from Sept 25 before sitting for the exam.

Philippines ‘learning crisis’ as kids face second year of remote schooling

A 'blended learning' programme has been plagued with problems as most students in the Philippines don't have a computer or internet at home.

School reopening based on recovery phases, rotation system to ensure SOPs

Education Minister Radzi Jidin says this is important to ensure that students are not kept away from school for too long.

Online learning the best bet for now, expert says as pandemic continues havoc for schools

Educationists say it is difficult to change the school calendar in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online classes to continue until end-August

The education ministry says face-to-face sessions will begin in stages from Sept 1.

Suspend students for not attending PdPR sessions?

Low student attendance rates may be the result of a complex of inter-related issues, all of which would have to be addressed to involve students actively in meaningful learning activities during the pandemic.

Educationists warn of ‘lost generation’ as poorer students struggle online

Many from poor or rural families lack the facilities needed to properly follow home-based teaching and learning, while others may have lost the drive to continue studying.

Online classes for 2 weeks after Aidilfitri break

Education Minister Radzi Jidin says this is a precautionary measure as there is no existing data on the spread of infections during Aidilfitri since schools were closed last year.

Responding to the challenges of online education

Online teaching and learning is here to stay and academics need to review processes and adopt some simple tips to make online learning more effective.

No more falling behind in classes as help brings enough gadgets for all

The many children in the family of Shaifol Bahri Mustaffa Kamalluddin and Norilla Mustafa Albakri can now follow all of their lessons thanks to the donation of six tablets.

Imagining new learning spaces for online higher education

An active process of stakeholder engagement is essential in adapting to online study and developing value innovators that enhance learning and teaching in higher education.

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