Monday, December 6, 2021


To beef or not to beef? Spanish ministers clash over campaign to eat less meat

The parliamentary beef has exposed raw political differences between parties within Spain's ruling coalition.

Investors sniff spicy prospects as ‘halo’ crops harvest pandemic profits

Millions of consumers are turning to foods recommended on social media as effective against Covid-19.

Experts warn against slimming pill shortcut in journey to dream weight 

They say efforts to lose weight should revolve around a healthy diet and exercise.

Beyond marketing gimmicks in buying health supplements

Expert shares how consumers can avoid being duped by promises of a good deal.

Weaning people off tasty junk food onto bland healthy diets is no piece of cake

Banning unhealthy but popular foods is not going to work, say experts, so how best to turn people on to healthier food?

Parents fuelling pandemic-season obesity among kids

Nutritionist Farah Farhana Hashim says some parents are feeding their children unhealthy snacks in an attempt to keep them focused on their online classes.

The mobile market bringing fresh fish to those in need

Kiki Fish Market moves from place to place in the Klang Valley, selling fresh seafood at wholesale prices to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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