Tuesday, May 17, 2022

North Korea

US warns firms over incognito North Koreans seeking tech jobs

It says North Korean information technology workers are posing as nationals of China, South Korea, Japan, Eastern Europe, and the US to seek jobs.

North Korea’s Kim orders military to ‘stabilise’ drug supply amid Covid-19 outbreak

He says pharmacies are not well-equipped to perform their functions smoothly, and there are no adequate drug storage areas other than the showcases.

North Korea reports 15 more deaths from ‘fever’ amid Covid outbreak

State media KCNA says a total of 42 people had died, with 820,620 cases and at least 324,550 under medical treatment.

North Korea reports 21 deaths of people with fever amid Covid outbreak

About 280,810 people were being treated and 27 people have died since a fever of unidentified origins started to be reported in the country since late April.

Lacking vaccines, North Korea gets offers of Covid aid

North Korea is not known to have imported or administered any Covid-19 vaccines, and is one of only two countries that haven't begun a vaccination campaign.

North Korea confirms first Covid-19 death in ‘explosive’ outbreak

With its 25 million people not vaccinated against Covid, North Korea's crumbling health infrastructure would struggle to deal with a major outbreak, experts say.

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles after reporting Covid outbreak

The firing was the first after the inauguration this week of conservative South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, who has signalled a hard line against the North's weapons development.

North Korea reports first Covid-19 outbreak

Authorities speak of 'a hole in our emergency quarantine front'.

North Korea fires submarine-launched missile after US nuclear warning

Satellite imagery indicates North Korea may also be preparing to resume nuclear testing, with the US State Department on Friday warning a test could come 'as early as this month'.

North Korea fires ballistic missile in latest show of force

The missile flew 470km and reached an altitude of 780km, Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff says, adding it is a 'blatant violation of UN Security Council resolutions'.

North Korea displays ‘monster missiles’ at military parade, vows to boost nuclear arsenal

US and South Korean officials say there are signs of new construction at North Korea's only known nuclear test site, suggesting Pyongyang may be preparing to resume testing nuclear weapons.

North Korea boasts of ‘invincible power’ ahead of key military anniversary

Pyongyang has carried out more than a dozen weapons tests this year, including firing an intercontinental ballistic missile at full range for the first time since 2017.

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