Tuesday, April 20, 2021

North Korea

North Korea to skip Tokyo Olympics

Pyongyang's announcement puts an end to Seoul's hopes of using the postponed Tokyo Games, due to begin in July, to trigger a reset in a now deadlocked talks process.

North Korea shortages causing foreign diplomats to lock missions and flee

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, appears to be taking advantage of the pandemic to strengthen his stranglehold on power.

North Korea launches missiles as Tokyo Olympics torch relay begins

Pyongyang helps fund its nuclear and missile programmes with about 'US$300 million stolen through cyber hacks'.

North Korean extradited from Malaysia appears in US court

Mun Chol Myong is accused of laundering money through the US financial system between April 2013 and November 2018 to provide luxury items to North Korea.

North Korean diplomats shutter embassy in KL after ties cut

Before departing, the North's most senior diplomat in Malaysia accused Malaysia of siding with Washington in a 'conspiracy' against Pyongyang, and committing a 'large hostile act'.

Malaysia defends extradition after North Korea cuts ties

The foreign ministry says Mun Chol Myong's extradition was only carried out after the due legal process had been exhausted, and in accordance with the principles of justice and rule of law.

North Korea breaks ties with Malaysia over citizen’s extradition to US

Pyongyang says Putrajaya 'committed an unpardonable crime' of 'forcibly delivering the innocent citizen (of North Korea) to the US'.

‘Cheap trick’, says North Korea of US attempts to make contact

A foreign ministry spokesman says no dialogue will be possible until the US rolls back its hostile policy toward North Korea.

North Korea ignoring US contact efforts after Biden called leader a thug

President Biden has stressed the need for North Korean nuclear disarmament before heavy US and UN economic sanctions can be eased.

Biden’s first North Korea policy expected ‘in next month or so’

North Korea will be among the topics discussed at a first summit of the Quad group of nations on Friday.

North Korean in Malaysia loses final appeal against US extradition

According to his lawyers, Mun Chol Myong is accused of money laundering and conspiracy to launder money, in allegations relating mainly to his work in neighbouring Singapore.

South Korea, US agree on troop deal

US President Joe Biden has vowed to revive frayed US alliances under his predecessor to counter the challenges posed by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

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