Monday, September 27, 2021

North Korea

North Korea says open to talks if South drops double standards

North Korea has for decades been seeking an end to the war but the US has been reluctant to agree unless the former gives up its nuclear weapons.

North Korea says US submarine deal, new pact could trigger ‘nuclear arms race’

An official says North Korea 'will certainly take a corresponding counteraction in case it has even a little adverse impact on the security of our country'.

Neighbours slam ‘outrageous’ North Korean ballistic missiles test

The ballistic missile tests are North Korea's first since March this year and a further breach of UN sanctions.

North Korea tests ‘strategic’ cruise missile with possible nuclear capability

The missiles flew 1,500km before hitting their targets and falling into the country's territorial waters during the tests held on Saturday and Sunday, state media says.

North Korea holds anniversary parade

The pageant featured Red Guards and members of the ruling Workers' Party, it said, as well as parachutists, mechanised paramilitary units and a flypast.

North Korea promotes general to ruling party’s powerful presidium, says state media

The general's election to the presidium, one of the most powerful decision-making bodies in North Korea, came after he appeared to have been given a reprimand or demotion in July, along with other senior figures.

North Korea rejects offer of nearly 3 million Sinovac shots

Pyongyang reportedly said the jabs should be sent to severely affected countries.

North Korea lashes out as South and US begin exercises

This year, Seoul is believed to have urged the US to scale down the size of the drills, to avoid ruffling feathers in Pyongyang.

Thousands evacuated as floods hit North Korea, state media says

Footage from Pyongyang's state-run KCTV shows homes flooded up to their roofs, as well as what appears to be damaged bridges.

North Korean leader’s green spot added to list of health mysteries

The 37-year-old leader’s health is one of the mostly closely guarded secrets in North Korea, and an obsession of foreign spy agencies.

North Korean leader’s sister warns Seoul against military drill with US

Washington and Seoul are due to hold a joint military drill later this month.

Aussie jailed for trying to sell North Korean missile parts to Indonesia

He claimed he had 'extensive' connections in North Korea including to the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

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