Friday, October 22, 2021

Nora Anne Quoirin

Court overturns ‘misadventure’ inquest verdict in Nora Anne’s death

The court replaced it with an 'open' ruling in a victory for the family of the French-Irish teenager.

Nora Anne’s family to file for revision of misadventure ruling

The family's lawyer says the application for revision will be filed at the Seremban High Court as soon as possible.

Nora Anne’s dad heard noises before she disappeared, inquest told

Sebastien Quoirin says he 'heard some muffled noise coming from the chalet' late at night on the day the family arrived.

Nora Anne’s mum criticises police at inquest

Meabh Quoirin says she became worried the police were not taking the family's concerns about criminal involvement in the case seriously.

K9 tracker dogs picked up Nora Anne’s scent, inquest hears

The dogs picked up the teenager's scent near her villa and on a mineral bottle the day after she went missing.

Anjing Bomba kesan bau Nora Anne

Fadzil berkata usaha mengesan Nora Anne diteruskan pada keesokannya dengan tertumpu di lokasi jeram berbatu dan kedua-dua anjing masih memberikan reaksi sama serta tidak mahu ke mana-mana.

29 premises inspected, cop tells Nora Anne inquest

This includes private villas and premises.

Inkues Nora Anne ditangguhkan ke 14 Sept

Prosiding inkues bagi mencari punca kematian remaja Ireland-Perancis Nora Anne Quoirin di Mahkamah Koroner Seremban ditangguhkan ke 14 Sept, setelah berlangsung selama 2 minggu. Koroner...

Nora Anne inquest adjourned to Sept 14

Two more witnesses will be called to testify.

8 fingerprints lifted from Nora Anne’s villa, inquest told

However, not all of them could be matched as some were only partial prints.

8 cap jari berjaya ditimbulkan di rumah penginapan Nora Anne

Mahkamah Koroner Seremban hari ini diberitahu 8 kesan cap jari berjaya ditimbulkan unit Foto dan Cap Jari, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Nilai dari...

Tracker dog detected ‘something’ behind resort, cop tells Nora Anne inquest

However, Corporal PD Manimaran says no positive findings were made.

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