Saturday, July 2, 2022


Cryptoverse: NFT bubble gets that shrinking feeling

Around 635,000 people bought an NFT last month, for US$427 on average, according to market tracker CryptoSlam, down from about 948,000 for US$659 in January.

Take a sad song and make it better: ‘Hey Jude’ NFT fetches US$77,000

The NFT version of the notes was presented as an animation in which the words are progressively inscribed on the page.

Menjelaskan kegilaan terhadap NFT

NFT mendapat momentum pada 2020, namun apakah trend ini akan kekal lama masih tidak dapat ditentukan.

Behind the NFT craze

NFTs began gaining momentum in 2020 although it remains to be seen how long the trend will remain.

Indonesian student’s selfies fetch US$1 million in NFT sales

NFTs have transformed digital items ranging from illustrations to memes into virtual collectors' items that cannot be duplicated.

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