Tuesday, October 26, 2021

New Zealand

NZ’s Covid outbreak spreads to South Island

This is the first community case of Covid-19 recorded in New Zealand's South Island in nearly a year.

NZ Covid cases hit record despite vaccination push

Health authorities announced 94 new virus cases, exceeding the previous daily record of 89 set in April last year during the first wave of Covid-19 infections.

NZ extends Auckland lockdown in battle on Delta variant

Once the poster child for stamping out Covid-19, New Zealand is now fighting a Delta outbreak that has spread across Auckland and neighbouring regions despite tough lockdown and border closures.

NZ reports drop in local Covid-19 cases in Auckland

A total of 35 new cases were reported, down from 60 on Sunday, taking the total cases in the current outbreak to 1,622.

New Zealand drops Covid-19 elimination plan as Delta persists

Authorities say strict lockdowns will end once 90% of the eligible population is vaccinated.

New Zealand tightens travel rules as Covid spreads

Air travellers aged 17 and over who are not citizens are required to be fully vaccinated before entering the country, among others.

NZ outlaws terror attack planning after IS-linked stabbing

The new security law gives police the power of entry, search and surveillance without warrants to prevent the planning and preparation of terroristic acts, among others.

NZ PM says lockdowns can end with high vaccine uptake

After a sluggish start to its vaccination campaign, some 40% of adult New Zealanders are fully vaccinated and about 75% have had at least one dose.

NZ says it may not get to zero Covid-19 cases again

New Zealand eliminated Covid-19 last year and had been largely virus-free, barring a small number of cases in February, until the latest outbreak of the Delta variant erupted in August.

NZ eases Covid rules for Auckland

Business operations will be allowed to begin with contactless services while schools and offices remain closed.

NZ keeps Auckland in strict lockdown to beat Delta

New Zealand had been largely virus-free for months until an outbreak of the Delta variant imported from Australia prompted a snap nationwide lockdown on Aug 17.

NZ cases rise, denting optimism over outbreak

The country detected 23 new cases, all in the epicentre of Auckland.

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