Monday, August 2, 2021

New York

Iran in bizarre plot to kidnap targets in US, Canada, UK, Feds say

The target runs My Stealthy Freedom, which campaigns against mandatory wearing of the veil for Iranian women.

New York declares emergency after 51 shooting deaths over Independence Day weekend

Across the US there has been a rise in gun deaths, including nearly 200 over the holiday weekend.

World’s largest Harry Potter store opens in New York

Fans of the boy wizard queue for hours in heavy rain to be among the first inside the three-story shop in Lower Manhattan.

New York cops probe hate crime after Jewish man attacked

The Anti-Defamation League says there has been a 50% increase in anti-Semitic acts in the US since the outbreak of fighting in Israel.

New York AG investigating Trump Organization in ‘criminal capacity’

The investigation initially focused on hush payments made to two women who allege they had affairs with Trump, but had expanded to allegations of tax evasion, and insurance and bank fraud.

Beijing now counts more local billionaires than New York City

There's an exodus of super-wealthy from NYC.

NY cops hunt attacker who hospitalised Chinese American

The US Senate passed legislation last week aimed at fighting the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

US state to pay undocumented migrants pandemic relief

The initiative will see more than 90,000 migrants pocket up to US$15,600 and some 200,000 others receive more than US$3,000.

New York lawmakers agree to legalise recreational marijuana

The move could address the racial injustice of a decades-long drug war that disproportionately targeted minority and poor communities.

Video game platform Roblox to make Wall Street debut

Roblox, which allows users to create their own video games and gives them a share of related revenue, counted close to 33 million daily players in 2020.

Wanita keenam dakwa dicabul, Cuomo masih tak mengaku

Gabenor New York itu berkeras untuk tidak akan meletakkan jawatannya walau didesak.

Wanita ketiga dakwa mangsa gangguan seksual gabenor New York

Cuomo berkata bekas pembantunya "salah faham" terhadap tingkah lakunya dengan mereka.

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