Sunday, April 18, 2021

New York

US state to pay undocumented migrants pandemic relief

The initiative will see more than 90,000 migrants pocket up to US$15,600 and some 200,000 others receive more than US$3,000.

New York lawmakers agree to legalise recreational marijuana

The move could address the racial injustice of a decades-long drug war that disproportionately targeted minority and poor communities.

Video game platform Roblox to make Wall Street debut

Roblox, which allows users to create their own video games and gives them a share of related revenue, counted close to 33 million daily players in 2020.

Wanita keenam dakwa dicabul, Cuomo masih tak mengaku

Gabenor New York itu berkeras untuk tidak akan meletakkan jawatannya walau didesak.

Wanita ketiga dakwa mangsa gangguan seksual gabenor New York

Cuomo berkata bekas pembantunya "salah faham" terhadap tingkah lakunya dengan mereka.

New York City movie theatres to reopen

New York City's seven-day rolling average of positive test results is hovering above the 4% mark, down from more than 6% in early January.

Anger after US police pepper-spray 9-year-old girl

The police officers involved have been suspended from duty with an internal investigation underway.

Many firefighters in US city will refuse Covid-19 shots, survey reveals

This would make those first responders vulnerable to the virus and potential spreaders of the illness.

New York City to reopen primary schools despite virus surge

The city has dropped a requirement for schools to close if the rate of positive virus tests exceeds 3% for a week.

West coast wildfire smoke reaches New York, east coast

The smoke reaching the city is one of two separate swaths blowing across the US from the out-of-control wildfires raging across vast areas of the West Coast.

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