Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Kelantan sees rise in number of patients at low-risk quarantine centres post-Eid

The quarantine and low-risk treatment centre at SMK Salor will be reopened while efforts are underway to identify a location outside Kota Bharu for another centre.

Delta variant, asymptomatic people behind spike in Klang Valley cases, says task force leader

He says the protection offered by vaccines also takes time to build.

New cases jump past 17,400 to highest level yet

More than 7,000 cases recorded in Selangor, over 2,800 in Kuala Lumpur.

Another 207 deaths as new cases top 16,000

Selangor records more than 6,600 cases, Kuala Lumpur over 2,400.

Iran’s daily Covid caseload tops 30,000 in new high

Iran also recorded 322 additional coronavirus-related deaths, taking the total to 89,122.

Record 207 deaths, more than 1,000 in ICU

Just over 6,500 cases in Selangor.

China reports 76 virus cases, highest daily rise since January

Tens of thousands of people are under lockdown in Jiangsu's provincial capital Nanjing as authorities test the city's 9.2 million residents after an outbreak linked to its airport last week.

Whopping 17,045 cases take total infections past 1 million

8,500 cases in Selangor alone.

Daily cases inch past 15,900 to another new high

7,351 cases in Selangor, 2,406 in Kuala Lumpur.

Threshold indicator for new cases in recovery plan may be reviewed, says Zafrul

He says a more appropriate value may be assigned especially once 40% of the adult population have been fully vaccinated.

Daily cases breach 15,500 in new record

More than 7,600 cases reported in Selangor.

Another 134 deaths as daily cases surge past 13,000 again

Over 6,000 cases in Selangor, more than 1,600 in Kuala Lumpur.

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