Thursday, October 21, 2021


Illegal streams, merch bonanza: Squid Game craze hits China

The dystopian South Korean thriller has become the most popular Netflix series launch ever, but it is unlikely to pass China's censors because of its brutally violent content.

Netflix to edit ‘Squid Game’ phone number after woman inundated with calls

Netflix and local production company Siren Pictures say they will edit scenes to remove the phone number, which appears on a mysterious invitation card given to potential players of a series of deadly children's games.

Seller basks in ‘Squid Game’ fame of his ‘sweet and deadly’ treat

The show has become a viral hit by depicting childhood games with deadly consequences.

Netflix acquires first video game studio

Netflix had indicated its intention to venture into video games in July, eyeing potential hits based on the storylines of popular TV series.

Netflix looks to video games to boost growth

Netflix says it views gaming as 'another new content category'.

Rise of online streaming to see end of CD era?

With sales plunging, shop owners say they can no longer rely solely on CDs and DVDs to stay afloat.

Netflix may be moving to stop password-sharing

Netflix offers to verify who is trying to log into an account by sending a code via text message or email to the subscriber to confirm the user lives with them.

Disney streaming services gaining ground on Netflix

The growth of Disney's streaming services, with the bulk of the audience made up of the 95 million subscribers who joined Disney+ since it launched about a year ago, trounced expectations.

Netflix tops 200 million subscribers as pandemic-time growth continues

The streaming television leader added some 8.5 million paid subscribers in the quarter to reach 203 million, topping 200 million despite recent price hikes.

Mengejek tahun 2020

Kalau dibilang dan terhitung menonton dokumentari itu menggelikan hati dan penuh gamat gelak ketawa, tentu orang tidak percaya.

Kerajaan kutip lebih RM400 juta cukai perkhidmatan digital

Cukai perkhidmatan digital dikuatkuasakan awal tahun ini.

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