Friday, June 25, 2021

Narendra Modi'

Free Covid jabs for all Indian adults as Modi hails yoga ‘shield’

Throughout the pandemic, India's government has touted yoga and herbal medicines – sales of which have boomed – to protect and give relief to people infected with the virus.

Modi’s BJP fails to win West Bengal battleground in India polls

Some analysts saw the results as showing the limits of the BJP in states with sizeable Muslim populations.

Pakistan PM Khan desires peace with arch-rival India

He was replying to a letter from his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi which had called for peace.

India’s Modi invites protesting farmers for talks as wheat and rice overstocks remain unsold

Protesting farmers accuse the government of introducing new laws to help large private retailers.

Old allies Biden, Modi pledge cooperation in dealing with China

Modi says India looks forward to consolidating its strategic partnership with the US 'to further peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond'.

Another British firm threatens to seize India govt assets over taxes

Experts say India's international reputation is taking a severe beating as a result of these cases.

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