Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Myanmar urged to avoid violence after junta opponents declare revolt

While Western countries have imposed sanctions to press the junta, Asean has been leading efforts for a diplomatic solution.

Myanmar cell towers attacked after shadow govt ‘war’ call

Protesters said they targeted 11 mobile phone masts belonging to the military-owned Mytel, one of the country's four main cell networks

Myanmar shadow govt calls for revolt against military rule

Some opponents of military rule have formed armed groups, under the banner of the People's Defence Forces, and have forged alliances with some ethnic militias that have long seen Myanmar's army as their enemy.

Junta Myanmar bebaskan sami anti Islam di Myanmar

Ashin dikatakan menerima rawatan di sebuah hospital tentera, namun punca kemasukannya tidak dijelaskan.

Death toll from Myanmar junta crackdown passes 1,000

Activist group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says the actual number is likely far higher.

US urges Asean countries to increase efforts to find solution in Myanmar

After a foreign ministers' virtual meeting, Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweets that the group is 'key to the future of the Indo-Pacific'.

Myanmar envoy alerts UN to alleged ‘massacre’

He says 40 bodies were found in Kani township in July in the Sagaing area of northwestern Myanmar although the junta denies the massacre.

US to show Southeast Asia it cares in virtual meetings this week

In recent years top US officials have not always attended Asean meetings but Washington now wants to increase its diplomatic efforts in the region.

Myanmar junta chief says new elections in 2 years

The announcement would place Myanmar in the military's grip for nearly two and a half years instead of the initial one-year timeline the army announced days after the coup.

Myanmar junta cancels results of 2020 polls won by Suu Kyi’s party

But it did not say whether fresh polls in the country of 54 million would be held.

Desperate search for oxygen in Myanmar as latest Covid wave hits

The spike in cases is the latest blow to Myanmar, already suffering from a February coup and a bloody crackdown on dissent that has killed over 900 people and gutted the economy.

Myanmar junta slams UN on Rohingya resolution

Junta leader Min Aung Hlaing has dismissed the word Rohingya as 'an imaginary term'.

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