Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Nigerian Christian student accused of blasphemy stoned to death by mob

Dozens of Muslim students went on rampage after a fellow student, Deborah Samuel, made a statement on social media which they considered offensive against the Prophet Muhammad, according to local police.

Security tight in India as schools reopen after headscarf row

Police with batons have been deployed outside several schools.

Three arrested in India over Muslim women ‘auction’ app

Photos of more than 100 women had been featured on the 'Bulli Bai' app alongside derogatory messages.

Peace and goodwill in Kelantan as churches celebrate Christmas

Christians in Kelantan are a minority group but have never been bothered by anyone, they say.

Indian police probe Hindu event calling for mass killing of Muslims

Many in the Muslim community say they have been increasingly subject to attacks and threats since Narendra Modi came to power while Christians have also been subject to violence and harassment.

US Supreme Court mulls FBI bid to block Muslim civil rights suit

The judges must decide whether to reject the bulk of the claims based on the government’s so-called state secrets privilege, a legal doctrine sometimes asserted when national security interests are invoked.

Germany’s largest mosque to broadcast call to prayer on Fridays

The call to prayer will be joined by the bells of northern Europe's largest Gothic church in a show of diversity, says Cologne mayor.

‘I’m not afraid of terrorism. I’m afraid of being accused of being a terrorist’: Growing up Muslim after 9/11

Students in Australia speak of the pressure to self-censor and manage political and religious expression at school.

Troops deployed after mob attacks Pakistan Hindu temple over ‘blasphemy boy’

The mob was enraged after a boy aged eight, accused of blasphemy, was released on bail.

Why do Muslims slaughter animals for God?

Perhaps one lesson for Muslims is that they should be cautious about obeying what seems to be the will of God and compare religious commandments with their moral sense.

Muslim women offered for sale in fake India ‘auction’

Delhi police have filed charges – but against unknown persons because they do not know the identity of the perpetrators.

Canadian Muslim family killed in hit & run truck attack

'These were innocent human beings who were killed simply because they were Muslim.'

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