Tuesday, October 26, 2021


US scion Robert Durst charged with wife’s 1982 murder

Robert Durst is already serving a life sentence for killing his best friend to keep her from talking to police about his wife's disappearance.

US tycoon gets life in prison for killing of his best friend

Multi-millionaire Robert Durst has always denied that he shot Susan Berman in the back of the head in 2000 to keep her from talking to police about the disappearance of his wife two decades earlier.

Man in India gets life for murdering wife with snakes

Sooraj Kumar set a viper on his wife before throwing a cobra at her while she was recovering.

2 teachers shot dead in Indian Kashmir, say police

Anger has been simmering in the Muslim-majority area since New Delhi scrapped its semi-autonomy and allowed all Indians to buy land in Kashmir, leaving locals fearing an influx of Hindus.

London police officer charged with rape

David Carrick had worked for the London police unit responsible for protecting parliament and diplomats.

Top Rohingya leader in Bangladesh shot dead

Mohib Ullah was talking with other refugee leaders outside his office after attending evening prayers at around 8pm when at least four assailants came to the spot and shot him dead.

Appeals court allows Altantuya’s family to obtain copies of police statements in murder case

A three-man bench says the police statements used in the criminal trial are not privileged documents.

Shock in Germany after cashier shot dead in mask row

The suspect who is said to have shot the cashier in the head told police he felt 'cornered' by the restrictions which he saw as an 'ever-growing infringement on his rights'.

Lawyer stages, survives paid hit in US crime mystery

He believed erroneously that his life insurance policy benefit would not be paid out to his son if he committed suicide, his lawyer says.

Man accused of attacking condo guard charged with murder

The charge, under Section 302 of the Penal Code, provides the death sentence upon conviction.

Families of MH17 victims to speak in court

The court has scheduled three weeks to hear the relatives speak and will also review around a hundred written statements provided by other family members.

Florida gunman kills 4 including baby, wounds 11-year-old girl

The shooter, who had no connection to the victims, engaged in a shootout with police before giving up.

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