Monday, August 2, 2021

Muhyiddin Yassin

Anwar dakwa pembangkang cukup angka, kerajaan PN sudah tumbang

Anwar dakwa Muhyiddin sudah kehilangan majoriti di Parlimen.

Anwar claims opposition has numbers, PN govt has fallen

He says he has been informed that ministers have applied to switch their support.

Agong’s signature not essential for revocation of ordinances, says former top judge

Gopal Sri Ram cites a precedent set in a landmark constitutional case six decades ago showing that ultimate authority lies with the Cabinet.

The opposition’s elephant in the room

Calls abound for Muhyiddin Yassin to step down as prime minister, but who would succeed him if he did?

GPS pleads for unity amid calls for PM to step down

It says the focus should be on ensuring the success of the National Recovery Plan.

No-confidence vote against Muhyiddin unlikely, says Najib

The Pekan MP says he will decide on his stand in the event that a vote does take place in the Dewan Rakyat.

40 BN MPs behind Muhyiddin

Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says the MPs uphold the Agong's call to prioritise the welfare of the people.

Putrajaya jelaskan tindakan batal ordinan darurat mengikut prosedur Perlembagaan

Muhyiddin menegaskan bahawa dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab, adalah penting untuk beliau bertindak mengikut lunas undang-undang dan Perlembagaan.

All constitutional procedures followed, Putrajaya explains move to repeal emergency

Muhyiddin Yassin emphasises the importance of acting in accordance with the law in carrying out his duties.

Anwar submits no-confidence motion against Muhyiddin

He also urges law minister Takiyuddin Hassan to resign.

Zahid gesa ahli Parlimen Umno tarik sokongan terhadap Muhyiddin

Zahid mahu semua ahli Parlimen Umno mematuhi keputusan mesyuarat Majlis Kerja Tertinggi Umno pada 7 Julai lalu.

Zahid tells Umno MPs to revoke support for Muhyiddin

He says MPs must carry out the decision made by the Umno Supreme Council on July 7.

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