Thursday, October 21, 2021


‘Mu’ variant potentially of concern, says EU agency

The European Medicines Agency says it will discuss with vaccine developers the effectiveness of current jabs in tackling the Mu variant.

2 import cases in Labuan being analysed for variants of concern

Both cases involve the crew of a ship whose last port of call was at a country where the Mu and Lambda variants have been detected.

Beyond Delta, scientists are watching new virus variants

Getting more people vaccinated against Covid-19 is critical as large groups of unvaccinated people give the virus more opportunity to spread and mutate into new variants.

3 Mu variant cases detected in South Korea

These are the country's first infections involving Mu, which the World Health Organization has classified as a variant of interest.

‘Mu’ variant behind Colombia’s worst wave yet, says health official

She says nearly two-thirds of tests from people who died during the country's third wave came back positive for the Mu variant.

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