Wednesday, May 18, 2022

money laundering

Strike two for Rosmah in bid to disqualify judge from hearing money laundering case

High Court judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan says the second bid was mostly based on the same grounds as the first application, and that parties should not be allowed to litigate the same issue over and over again.

Businessman Nicky Liow claims trial to laundering more than RM36 million

If convicted, he could face jail of up to 15 years and a fine of not less than five times the total amount of proceeds from the illegal activity or RM5 million, whichever is higher.

Ex-director tells court he stayed with 1MDB due to confidence in Najib’s leadership

Ismee Ismail says he believed the joint ventures between 1MDB and the Saudis would have been beneficial.

1MDB board misled on investment money coming back, ex-director tells Najib trial

Ismee Ismail says the board of directors did not know that the money was in fact borrowed by 1MDB from Deutsche Bank.

Shafee probed over cheques from Najib after 2018 report, MACC man tells court

MACC investigating officer says Shafee was investigated under the MACC Act as well as anti-money laundering laws.

Shafee’s money laundering trial postponed as witness unwell

The hearing will continue at the Kuala Lumpur High Court tomorrow.

MACC freezes assets, bank account linked to Astro ex-boss after Leissner’s ‘blackmail’ revelation

Rohana Rozhan is being investigated under the country's anti-money laundering laws.

Ex-Sabah Water Dept deputy director gets discharge not amounting to acquittal for money laundering

Teo Chee Kong was, however, slapped with a compound of RM30 million.

Judge tells Syed Saddiq to be careful when making social media statements on court case

He says the statements issued by the Muar MP on social media can be used against him.

Rosmah files new application to disqualify judge from hearing money laundering case

Her lawyer says the latest application is based on new grounds.

Ex-CEO of Swiss bank Falcon acquitted in money laundering trial

Falcon gained global prominence in 2015 after it was reported that investigators found nearly US$700 million had been transferred to accounts in Malaysia linked to then-PM Najib Razak.

Hungarian opposition welcomes news of raid in Malaysia amid protests over ventilator deal

This comes amid an investigation involving Vinod Sekhar, on the back of a lucrative deal to sell medical ventilators to Hungary.

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