Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mohamad Sabu

Mat Sabu’s son freed of drug abuse charge

The Kuala Lumpur High Court says the conviction was flawed as the police had not complied with the guidelines in taking Ahmad Saiful Islam's urine sample.

Keputusan rayuan anak Mat Sabu terhadap sabitan kes dadah 27 Oktober depan

Hakim menetapkan tarikh tersebut bagi pendengaran rayuan Saiful bagi mengetepikan sabitan dan hukuman penjara lapan bulan kerana penyalahgunaan dadah.

Oct 27 decision for bid by Mat Sabu’s son to quash drug conviction

Defence lawyer questions the process of taking Ahmad Saiful Islam's urine sample while the prosecution says it was in accordance with the law.

PH chiefs hope for change as Mat Sabu tells defectors to return

They also call for unity, saying the new administration to come must do a better job of running the country.

Now, PH leaders urge MPs to gather in Parliament

They say the prime minister will be responsible for triggering a constitutional crisis if he and his ministers remain stubborn about reconvening Parliament.

Whither Amanah? After power comes survival

After its heyday as part of the federal government, the PAS splinter party may have ignored the writing on the wall.

March 15 hearing for Mat Sabu’s ex-aide

The prosecution is expected to call 37 witnesses.

Mat Sabu says emergency rule an attack on Parliament a la Capitol storming

Muhyiddin is following Donald Trump's way, he says.

Anwar calls off PH meeting after ‘scolding’ MP behind Mat Sabu-Guan Eng statement

The joint statement is said to be part of a growing criticism of Anwar by Pakatan Harapan leaders.

Don’t waste time on ruling MPs, say Mat Sabu, Guan Eng in veiled jibe at Anwar

They instead urge PH to build its strength with opposition parties outside of the coalition.

Amanah MPs to reject 2021 budget

Party president Mohamad Sabu says they will only support the budget motion if several conditions are met.

After Agong’s reminder, Mat Sabu calls for change of govt, then retracts

The Amanah president retracts his statement seen as conflicting with a call by the Agong to desist from politicking.

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