Wednesday, August 4, 2021


EU watchdog approves Moderna jab for ages 12 and up

The vaccine will be given in two injections, each four weeks apart.

Indonesia to give medics booster jab after deaths of fully vaccinated workers

Of the 1,000 medical workers who have died of Covid-19, more than a dozen were fully inoculated, according to Indonesia's medical association.

US pharmacist jailed 3 years after tampering with Covid vaccines

He removed hundreds of vials from their refrigerator unit on two overnight shifts, leaving them outside for hours before returning them to be used on recipients the following day.

Singapore teen given wrong Covid-19 jab

The 16-year-old boy was given the Moderna jab instead of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved for his age group.

‘Few reports’ of heart issue in young Americans after vaccine

Most cases appear mild, with no clear link established for the moment.

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines effective against Indian variants, study shows

The lab-based study found that while the vaccines' antibodies are weaker against the variants, their protective ability remains.

Moderna vaccine 96% effective in teens 12-17, study shows

Common side effects are similar to those observed in adults who are given the jab, and no serious safety concerns have been identified to date, says Moderna.

WHO lists Moderna vaccine for emergency use

The other vaccines listed for emergency use by WHO are Pfizer BioNTech; AstraZeneca; Serum Institute of India; and Janssen.

Singaporeans can now pick their Covid-19 jab

Eligible people can choose any of 38 vaccine centres, which are administering either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.

Experts tell why children may need to be vaccinated against Covid-19

While children are generally spared the worst of the disease, under-18s account for roughly a fifth of the US population of 330 million, and millions have so far been infected.

Moderna starts Covid-19 vaccine trials for children

Its Phase 2/3 study involves children aged six months to under 12 years old.

Moderna says Covid-19 vaccine effective against UK, South Africa variants

But the positive news was tempered by the finding that there was a sixfold reduction in the level of highly-potent neutralising antibodies produced against the South African variant.

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