Tuesday, January 25, 2022


French parents sue after daughter mistakenly gets Moderna jab

The vaccine is only allowed for adults over feared side effects.

Moderna says full booster dose improves Omicron protection

Moderna says preliminary data show antibody response to Omicron at the 50 microgram dose increased 37-fold – but when the dose was doubled, antibody levels increased 83-fold.

Moderna Covid jab more likely to cause heart inflammation than Pfizer’s, study shows

However, the overall risk of getting heart inflammation from the vaccines, both of which are based on mRNA-technology, is low, according to the study.

Moderna CEO says vaccines likely less effective against Omicron

Fear of the new variant has already triggered delays to some economic reopening plans and the reimposition of some travel and movement restrictions.

Moderna seeks EU approval of Covid jab for kids aged 6-11

Moderna has reported positive results from its clinical trials for children aged six to 11, with the vaccine eliciting a strong immune response.

AS luluskan penundaan pemberian vaksin Moderna untuk remaja

Ia adalah bagi membolehkan lebih banyak masa untuk menambah baik kajian potensi risiko keradangan jantung atau myocarditis.

US approval for Moderna teen jabs delayed

This is to allow more time to better assess the potential risk of developing myocarditis, or heart inflammation.

Moderna says Covid jab protective, safe in young children

Moderna says its two-dose vaccine generates virus-neutralising antibodies in children and safety is comparable to what was previously seen in clinical trials of adolescents and adults.

FDA clears Moderna, J&J booster shots

The authorisation paves the way for millions in the US to get the additional protection as the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus causes breakthrough infections among some who are fully vaccinated.

US experts recommend Moderna booster for older and at-risk groups

Experts have decided to authorise a booster dose of Moderna for three categories of people: the over-65s, aged 18 and 64 who are at a higher risk of developing a severe symptoms, and those whose work may involve frequent exposure to the virus.

Dos penggalak Moderna, Pfizer lebih berkesan bagi penerima vaksin J&J

Profesor Kolej Baylor Peter Hotez menyifatkan hasil kajian tersebut sebagai sebuah dapatan yang 'mengkagumkan'.

US FDA staff says Moderna did not meet all criteria for Covid-19 boosters

The FDA says data for Moderna's vaccine shows a booster does increase protective antibodies, but the difference in antibody levels before and after the shot is not wide enough.

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