Thursday, October 21, 2021


Flanked by missiles, North Korea’s Kim says US and South Korea threaten peace

Pyongyang is only increasing its military in self-defence and not to start a war, leader Kim Jong Un says.

Neighbours slam ‘outrageous’ North Korean ballistic missiles test

The ballistic missile tests are North Korea's first since March this year and a further breach of UN sanctions.

North Korea tests ‘strategic’ cruise missile with possible nuclear capability

The missiles flew 1,500km before hitting their targets and falling into the country's territorial waters during the tests held on Saturday and Sunday, state media says.

Aussie jailed for trying to sell North Korean missile parts to Indonesia

He claimed he had 'extensive' connections in North Korea including to the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Taiwan’s long-range missile goes into mass production

Taiwan's armed forces have traditionally concentrated on defending the island from a Chinese attack and are currently being upgraded.

Iran, North Korea resumed missile collaboration in 2020, UN report says

This follows Pyongyang's announcement last year of preparation for the testing and production of new ballistic missile warheads and development of tactical nuclear weapons.

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