Monday, September 27, 2021


Sabah has no plans to give ICs, citizenship to vaccinated migrants without documents, says CM

He says this is to protect the rights of Sabahans.

Turkey pans US visa rules to rescue left-behind Afghans

The scheme requires Afghans to apply outside of Afghanistan, which Turkey says would cause a new migration crisis for neighbouring countries.

Biden keeping Trump’s rule turning away migrants ‘for US safety’ during pandemic

The Biden administration has used the rule to expel roughly 100,000 migrants every month and leave thousands more in limbo.

Rescuers save nearly 400 migrants from dangerously overcrowded boat off Tunisia

The rescued migrants were mainly men from Morocco, Bangladesh, Egypt and Syria.

Migrant surge meets hostility and a new border wall in Turkey

A growing number of Turks are weary of their country acting as a 'holding camp' to prevent refugees from entering Europe.

Lawyers group slams charge against activist for post on treatment of refugees

Lawyers for Liberty says it is 'nonsensical' that such exposures could be detrimental to public order or morality.

CITF approves vaccination guidelines for undocumented migrants, refugees

Khairy Jamaluddin voices hope that these guidelines will encourage migrants and refugees to come forward for vaccination.

Two months and counting for migrant workers unable to work

They have cut down their meals to one a day, waiting for the time when they can go back to work.

Amnesty, not arrests, needed for undocumented migrants, govt told

CAP says human life and the containment of Covid-19 should be the main concern, not the document a person holds.

Influx of immigrants, refugees among 66 national security challenges identified by NSC

The NSC says the arrival of immigrants and Rohingya refugees has caused discomfort among locals who fear that they will take away the rights of Malaysians.

Over 9,200 undocumented migrants detained this year

A total of 13,127 were deported including 289 boys and 144 girls.

People smugglers using calm summer seas to sneak more illegals across the English Channel

Sophisticated gangs are offering their illegal migrant packages on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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