Friday, October 22, 2021


Tech giants seek meeting with PM on foreign ship cable waiver

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are seeking the reinstatement of an exemption revoked last year under the previous government.

Millions of Microsoft-stored data records mistakenly exposed

The data included names, addresses, financial information and Covid-19 vaccination statuses.

CNN fires staff for coming to work unvaccinated against Covid-19

Many major companies are now pushing back their return-to-work dates as Covid-19 rates rise again.

Tech giants’ profits soar in pandemic boom but regulation looms

Analysts say it's likely that these latest results will lead to further calls for regulatory scrutiny to curb their dominance.

US accuses China of massive Microsoft hack

The US coordinated its statement with allies – the European Union, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Nato.

Microsoft taking Xbox games directly to TVs

The Xbox team is working with TV makers to embed software that will let video games typically enjoyed on its consoles be played directly from the cloud, requiring only hand-held controllers.

Bill Gates, isteri umum perceraian selepas 27 tahun

Bill Gates, 65, dan Melinda Gates, 56, berkahwin pada 1994 ketika wanita itu bekerja dengan firma teknologi dimiliki Bill.

Microsoft pioneer Bill Gates to divorce after 27 years of marriage

Washington state community property laws mean the couple's US$100 billion fortune could be divided equally between them.

High value, not high tech, will refresh investments

Malaysia’s new investment strategy to be announced this week must avoid the fundamental error that equates high tech with high value when social costs are not taken into account.

Microsoft bakal bina pusat data serantau pertama di Malaysia

Inisiatif melibatkan sektor awam dan swasta itu akan melibatkan sekurang-kurangnya sejuta warga Malaysia.

Microsoft to establish first datacentre region in Malaysia

This is part of its 'Together with Malaysia' initiative which PM Muhyiddin says will amount to at least RM4 billion over the next five years.

EU banking regulator hit by Microsoft email hack

The European Banking Authority warns that personal data could have been accessed as a result of the attack.

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