Friday, June 25, 2021


At least 18 killed in violence at town near US-Mexico border

The border area and nearby towns and villages are choked with would-be migrants waiting to cross illegally into the US.

US veep tells would-be migrants, ‘Do not come, do not come’

Even as Harris made the case for reforms, those very migrants she hoped to help were still streaming north for America.

Two human heads left at Mexico polling stations

The elections have been marred by a wave of political violence that has seen more than 90 politicians murdered since the electoral process began in September.

Texas declares official disaster over effects of ‘open-border’ migrant crisis

Open-border policies have allowed dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into border communities, says the governor.

Mexican drug gangs now murdering cops in their homes

Many cops are taking their families and fleeing into hiding.

Mexico mayoral candidate murdered after sharing campaign trail location in Facebook Live video

Her death brings the number of politicians murdered nationwide ahead of the June 6 elections to 85.

Corruption, earthquake blamed for deadly Mexico City train crash

Many locals are blaming shoddy construction and political corruption for the collapse.

Pfizer confirms fake vaccine shots on sale in Mexico, Poland

Doses of the fake vaccine had been going for as much as US$1,000 a shot.

Mexico finds 60% more Covid-19 deaths than thought

The country risks a new wave of infections as millions prepare for the upcoming Easter holidays.

Biden tells migrants ‘don’t come’ as criticism grows

In February, the US Customs and Border Protection agency arrested about 100,000 people at the southern border, a 28% jump over January.

Cannabis legalisation bill passed by Mexican Congress

It is hoped that decriminalising cannabis and other narcotics could help combat Mexico’s powerful and destructive drug cartels.

Mexico begins vaccinating over-60s against Covid-19

Mexico has the world's third-highest Covid-19 death toll, at around 174,000, along with close to two million known cases.

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