Sunday, December 5, 2021


Merck’s Covid-19 pill shows lower efficacy in updated data

The pill shows a 30% reduction in hospitalisations and deaths based on data from over 1,400 patients, compared to about 50% in October based on data from 775 patients.

How does Merck’s Covid-19 pill compare to Pfizer’s?

Both drugs are being studied to see if they can prevent infection in people exposed to the virus.

Pfizer says anti-viral pill cuts risk of severe Covid by 89%

Results for Pfizer's experimental anti-viral pill appear to surpass those seen with Merck & Co Inc's pill molnupiravir.

Britain jadi negara pertama lulus pil rawatan Covid-19 keluaran Merck

Amerika Syarikat juga dalam usaha meneliti data bagi penggunaan pil antiviral itu dan dijangka akan mengumumkan keputusan akhir November ini.

Britain approves Merck’s Covid-19 pill in world first

It will be administered as soon as possible following a positive Covid-19 test and within five days of the onset of symptoms.

Merck signs pact to broaden generic manufacturing of Covid-19 pill

The FDA is considering emergency use authorisation of the medicine, which was shown in a clinical trial to halve the risk of serious disease and death when given early for Covid-19.

Britain secures Covid-19 antivirals from Merck and Pfizer

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has removed almost all Covid-19 restrictions and is relying on vaccines and treatments to try and withstand winter pressures on hospitals.

Gates Foundation allots US$120 million for poor nations to get Covid-19 drug

The money will support efforts to develop and make generic versions of what could become the first oral antiviral medication for the disease if it wins regulatory approval.

WHO-led programme aims to buy Covid-19 pills for US$10, document shows

The price is very low if compared with the US$700 per course that the US has agreed to pay for 1.7 million courses of Merck's molnupiravir pills.

Merck Covid-19 pill sparks calls for access for lower income countries

The US has already locked up 1.7 million courses with an option for 3.5 million more by January of 2023 at about US$700 per course.

Merck mohon kelulusan AS jalan rawatan pil malnupiravir

Merck juga sedang bekerjasama dengan agensi kesihatan global untuk mengemukakan permohonan penggunaan kecemasan dan kebenaran pemasaran dalam tempoh beberapa bulan akan datang.

Merck applies for US emergency authorisation of Covid-19 pill

Data released shows that Molnupiravir could halve the chances of death or being hospitalised for those most at risk of contracting severe Covid-19.

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