Sunday, October 24, 2021


Melbourne reopens as world’s most locked-down city eases pandemic restrictions

Australia's second-largest city has so far endured 262 days, or nearly nine months, of restrictions during six separate lockdowns since March 2020.

Melbourne to ease world’s longest Covid-19 lockdowns as vaccinations rise

By Friday, when some curbs will be lifted, the Australian city of five million people will have been under six lockdowns totalling nearly nine months since March 2020.

Australia reports easing in new Covid-19 infections as vaccinations rise

A total of 1,420 new locally acquired cases were reported in Victoria, most of them in state capital Melbourne, down from a record 1,763 on Tuesday.

Australia’s Victoria state logs record infections ahead of key sporting event

Officials expect case numbers to keep rising until mid-November as the state races to raise vaccination rates above the 70% double dose threshold, up from around 46% currently.

Melbourne faces more anti-lockdown protests as daily cases hit pandemic high

Australia's total infections topped 90,000, with some 60,000 recorded since mid-June when the first Delta case was detected in Sydney.

Rare Australian earthquake triggers panic in Melbourne

The quake was felt as far as the city of Adelaide, although there were no reports of damage outside Melbourne and no reports of injuries.

Melbourne construction sites shut down after anti-vaccine mandate protest

Hundreds of people clashed with union officials with bottles and a crate thrown at them, after the Victorian government required all construction workers to have at least one vaccine dose by Friday.

Melbourne drops Covid-zero plans, shifts focus to rapid vaccinations

Australia is trying to get a handle on the third wave of infections that has locked down more than half of its 25 million population.

Melbourne extends sixth virus lockdown

Authorities have not revealed how long stay-at-home orders will remain in place, saying officials will 'look at all the different options'.

Australia’s second-largest city introduces virus curfew

Stay-at-home restrictions in both Melbourne and the capital of Canberra have also been extended to Sept 2.

Australia’s second-largest city extends virus lockdown

Stay-at-home orders for five million people in Melbourne have been extended until at least Aug 19.

Sydney posts fresh Covid record as Melbourne races to trace outbreak

Australia's three largest cities are currently in lockdown although Brisbane is set to end its lockdown on Sunday.

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