Monday, June 21, 2021


Virus lockdown in Australia’s second-largest city extended a week

It is believed to be the 17th time in six months that the virus has leaked out of Australia's makeshift hotel quarantine facilities, which are now facing tough scrutiny.

Australian mocked, filmed dying cops after runaway truck hit them

'All I wanted was to go home and have some sushi,' he said while swearing at the dying officers for ruining his sports car.

Bekas pengerusi Mara Inc didakwa 22 pertuduhan

Mohammad Lan Allani didakwa kes rasuah dan pengubahan wang haram berjumlah RM20.45 juta, membabitkan hartanah di Melbourne, Australia.

Tennis stars told not to serve Melbourne hotel mice while in Covid quarantine

There has been confusion over infection numbers with several positive test results reclassified as 'viral shedding' from previous infections, which is not contagious.

Most of Australia’s Covid deaths due to slack hotel quarantine security in Melbourne

As a result, police now provide security at Melbourne quarantine hotels.

Melbourne celebrates over a week with zero new cases as harsh lockdown pays off

The cost of curbing the virus will be huge: the economic and social impact is still being calculated.

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