Thursday, January 20, 2022

Melania Trump

US pastor sent on leave over Melania Trump ‘trophy wife’ sermon

He has been sent on leave after he exhorted women to be more like former first lady Melania Trump and not let themselves go.

Peguam Trump, Giuliani positif Covid-19

Giuliani setakat ini menjadi individu terakhir dalam kelompok orang penting Trump yang dijangkiti virus berkenaan.

Trump’s youngest son tested positive for Covid-19

He has since tested negative.

‘Don’t be afraid of Covid,’ says Trump as he walks unaided out of hospital

As more White House staff are positively diagnosed, Trump calls on Americans not to let the virus dominate their lives.

Trump ‘feeling much better’, ‘will be back soon’

The White House had said that Trump was experiencing mild symptoms but was in good spirits.

Trump dan isteri positif Covid-19

kedua-dua mereka akan menjalani kuarantin.

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