Sunday, December 5, 2021

medical staff

Indian doctors strike as Omicron sparks fears of third wave of Covid-19

The country, whose hospitals bore the brunt of a record second surge in infections and deaths in April and May due to the Delta variant, has seen new cases plateauing around 10,000 in the past few weeks.

Russian doctors invite big name anti-vaxxers to Covid wards

Russia is struggling with widespread opposition to vaccination even though it has developed several homegrown jabs including Sputnik V.

Hong Kong ditches local licensing exam to tackle doctor shortage

Some see the legislation as a first step in replacing local doctors with those from mainland China, where there are concerns over health and safety standards.

Doctors remove mobile phone from prisoner’s stomach

The medical team believes that the device was smuggled into the prison where he was serving his sentence to be used illegally to contact the outside world.

Indonesia passes one million Covid-19 cases

There are reports of patients being unable to access ICUs and isolation rooms due to high demand – a shortage underscored by an East Java city's move to outfit a train carriage to accommodate the sick.

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