Sunday, July 3, 2022


McDonald’s to exit Russia, sell business in country

The burger giant is one of numerous foreign firms that have pulled out of the country or suspended operations following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Burgers sold for US$150 on black market as McD’s shutters in Russia

Residents, especially the youth, voice disappointment at the move by the fast food giant to suspend operations in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

‘Fry-tening’: McDonald’s hit by shortages

Large portions of french fries, as well as one type of large meal set, have been taken off menus at outlets until further notice.

McDonald’s runs out of hash browns in some Taiwan stores

McDonald's Taiwan says it aims to resume selling hash browns in the second half of this month after restocking, and adds that sales of French fries are 'normal'.

When the chips are down: McDonald’s rations fries in Japan

McDonald's Japan says it will only sell small-sized French fries for a week to avoid shortages.

Lebanon sells cheapest Big Mac in the world as currency collapses

Lebanese social media is flooded with requests for donations of baby milk and medications that have disappeared, and even food.

Demand from Indonesian K-Pop fans forces McDonald’s branches to shut

South Korean boyband fans overwhelmed the fast food eateries with delivery drivers fighting to collect their orders.

McDonald’s says its beef sourced directly from halal abattoirs

It says the abattoirs are also compliant with animal welfare and food safety programmes.

Support McD’s, Burger King tells hungry customers

As the pandemic rages on across the world, Burger King urges support for all fast food outlets, even its great competitor McDonald's.

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