Friday, June 25, 2021


Russia says warning shots fired at British destroyer in Black Sea

The UK challenges the claim, saying it was conducting ‘innocent passage’ through Ukrainian waters.

Taiwan reports ‘record number’ of Chinese jets in its air defence zone

Chinese military air incursions over Taiwan are becoming more frequent and open.

Seoul holds military drills around disputed islets boosting row with Japan

The decades-long territorial ruckus was rekindled over a map on the Tokyo Olympics website marking the islands as Japanese territory.

China gets veiled rebuke from Japan, Australia

Beijing’s relations with Tokyo and Canberra have been strained in recent times over several issues.

Filipino boxing hero accuses Duterte of going soft over South China Sea disputes with Beijing

Pacquiao recalls that when campaigning in 2016, Duterte said he would take a jet ski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Filipino flag there.

US backs Malaysia’s count of aircraft in Chinese military flight

The US Pacific Air Forces disputes the claim by a Chinese military source that only two planes were involved in the incident.

China says military flight off Sarawak was ‘routine training’

An embassy spokesman says according to international law, Chinese military aircraft enjoy the freedom of overflight in the relevant airspace.

New UK aircraft carrier strike force sailing for Asia next month

The fleet is billed as 'the largest concentration of maritime and air power to leave the UK in a generation'.

Duterte may contest China over South China Sea oil but not fish

He has repeatedly said the Philippines is powerless to stop China, and that challenging its activities could risk a war his country would lose.

Russia and China warn US Navy to steer clear as warships near both ‘backyards’

Moscow and Beijing are separately accusing Washington of provocative behaviour over Ukraine and Taiwan.

US to send more warships to South China Sea, Philippines ambassador says

Earlier this month, an estimated 200 Chinese fishing vessels positioned themselves around the Philippines-claimed Whitsun Reef.

Minimal impact for Malaysia as ship remains stuck at Suez Canal

Malaysia's trade volume in the region is not large, although there could be delays in some shipments as efforts continue to refloat the 400m Ever Given cargo ship.

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