Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Wisma Putra summons Chinese envoy to protest South China Sea incursion

It accuses China of going against local and international law with the presence of its ships off the coast of Sabah and Sarawak.

Uneasiness in Malaysia not ruled out as Australia gets nuclear subs

Thomas Daniel says the Aukus pact is an indication of US commitment in the Asia Pacific.

India sends warships to South China Sea as part of ‘Act East’ policy

India has traditionally been wary of antagonising Beijing but the mood has recently hardened following border clashes.

German warship heads for South China Sea, raising tension with Beijing

Germany is sailing into choppy seas as China is now Berlin’s most important trading partner.

China says UK still in ‘colonial days’ as carrier group sails into contested waters

The lengthy deployment is seen as a signal of the UK's commitment to collective security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Iranian navy ships sail through English Channel en route to Russia for first time

Experts say one of them – a former oil tanker – could be a way for Iran to sidestep US sanctions by transporting petroleum under the flag of a warship.

UK to permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and strike group are sailing to Japan through contested seas in September.

Biden backs Trump rejection of Beijing’s South China Sea claims

Washington has effectively sided with the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, in opposing Beijing's assertions of sovereignty over the sea.

Russia says warning shots fired at British destroyer in Black Sea

The UK challenges the claim, saying it was conducting ‘innocent passage’ through Ukrainian waters.

Taiwan reports ‘record number’ of Chinese jets in its air defence zone

Chinese military air incursions over Taiwan are becoming more frequent and open.

Seoul holds military drills around disputed islets boosting row with Japan

The decades-long territorial ruckus was rekindled over a map on the Tokyo Olympics website marking the islands as Japanese territory.

China gets veiled rebuke from Japan, Australia

Beijing’s relations with Tokyo and Canberra have been strained in recent times over several issues.

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