Wednesday, October 20, 2021

mandatory vaccination

New York hospitals fire, suspend staff who refuse Covid jab

The inoculation push comes as President Joe Biden and other state and federal political leaders ratchet up pressure on unvaccinated Americans, some of whom object to mandates on religious or health grounds.

Canada to mandate Covid jabs for govt workers

A deadline for inoculations for some 300,000 public servants will be announced in the coming weeks.

US mandates Covid-19 shots for federal healthcare workers

The policy will apply to around 25,000 Department of Health and Human Services employees who could come into contact with patients.

California mandates Covid jabs for all teachers

This is the first such state-wide mandate in the US, which is struggling with exploding infection rtes.

CNN fires staff for coming to work unvaccinated against Covid-19

Many major companies are now pushing back their return-to-work dates as Covid-19 rates rise again.

Microsoft requires vaccinations for workers

Employees who are not vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons will be accommodated.

Hong Kong announces compulsory Covid jabs for key sectors

Civil servants, teachers and healthcare workers who refuse to be vaccinated will have to pay to be tested twice a week.

Protests against Greece’s mandatory jabs for health workers

Faced with the spread of the Delta variant, the government wants to get as many people as possible vaccinated.

US judge rules in favour of university’s vaccine mandate

The rules require Covid-19 vaccination for the school's 90,000 students and 40,000 employees but allow for exemptions on religious or medical grounds.

US health groups call for vaccine mandates for medical workers

The idea of vaccine mandates has sparked controversy in a nation that cherishes individual liberty, but these concerns need to be weighed against collective well-being, says one expert.

Turkmenistan orders compulsory vaccinations

This is despite the Central Asian country being one of the few in the world which claims to have registered no Covid-19 cases.

France weighs mandatory vaccination for reticent health workers

The vaccination rate among health workers in care homes is lagging behind that of the general adult population, 60% of which have now received at least one Covid jab.

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