Friday, October 22, 2021

Malaysia Airlines

Families of MH17 victims to speak in court

The court has scheduled three weeks to hear the relatives speak and will also review around a hundred written statements provided by other family members.

Ban on Boeing 737 MAX jet lifted after 2 years

Malaysia suspended the aircraft in March 2019 after it was grounded worldwide following two deadly crashes.

Dutch court tracks BUK missile that downed MH17

Intercepted communications suggest a defence strategy was quickly drafted after the plane was shot down, according to which it was said to have been hit by a Ukrainian combat jet, which was then downed by the Russian missile battery.

Missile must have downed MH17, judges say

An international investigation previously concluded that a BUK missile that had originally come from the Russian army's 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade based in the city of Kursk was responsible.

Trial in MH17 crash to start hearing evidence

The trial formally began in March 2020 but has so far been dealing with legal arguments, mainly about the admissibility of evidence in the crash in which 298 passengers and crew were killed.

Penerbangan dari India sejak 28 April hanya kargo, tiada penumpang, kata menteri

Penerbangan pesawat penumpang juga kosong, dan digunakan untuk membawa muatan barangan.

Vaksin Covid-19 pertama untuk Malaysia tiba pagi ini

Malaysia akan dapat memulakan Program Imunisasi Covid-19 Kebangsaan lima hari lagi.

Judges nix bid to probe wider theory in MH17 trial

Defence lawyers had asked judges to allow the examination of other possibilities, including the idea that a Ukrainian fighter jet was to blame.

MH17 crash suspect ‘saw no sign of missile’

Oleg Pulatov says no BUK or any commands related to a BUK were mentioned during meetings with other rebels on the day of the crash.

Searching for a way to keep the flag on Malaysia Airlines

Converting it to a low-cost airline or allowing foreign ownership will not save it from closure, say experts.

Jalan terbaik buat Malaysia Airlines terus kibarkan bendera

Jadikan syarikat penerbangan tambang murah atau membenarkan pemilikan asing belum tentu dapat menyelamatkannya daripada ditutup, kata pakar.

Australia, Netherlands slam Russia’s withdrawal from MH17 talks

Russia had complained of 'vicious' attempts to pin blame on Moscow.

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