Thursday, May 19, 2022

Malay Rulers

Ex-CJ says harmony between palace and govt a thing of the past

Abdul Hamid Mohamad attributes this to the introduction of amendments under the administration of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Malay rulers to convene special meeting at Istana

The focus will be the country's current political issues, particularly the appointment of a new prime minister.

‘Derhaka’ has no place in constitution or modern state, politicians told

A former top judge says there is no place for such a concept, while a prominent social critic says it's a vestige of a feudal past.

Did Zahid mislead Agong that Umno ministers would quit by Aug 1?

The Umno president is also actively pressuring his party men to quit the Cabinet by next week.

Code of ethics signed by Malay rulers 30 years ago draws the line on politics, business and media

The proclamation served as a code of conduct for the royal institution, stating their rights and responsibilities as well as the areas in which they had no say or must abide by the advice of the government of the day.

AG’s moral duty as govt’s chief lawyer to clarify constitutional issues, says Sarawak MP

Ali Biju says Idrus Harun should be commended for bringing clarity to the matter.

Speakers say Parliament can convene late August or early September

They say they are committed to holding parliamentary proceedings as soon as possible subject to legal and technical matters.

Former apex court judge warns states against pre-empting federal govt’s decision on emergency

The reminder by former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram follows a string of announcements from states on the reopening of their legislative assemblies in August.

Johor sultan orders state assembly to meet on Aug 12

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar says assemblymen should unite in this regard for the sake of the people.

The maths of holding a Parliament sitting during a pandemic

With the reopening of the Dewan Rakyat a foregone conclusion, the onus is now on the legislature and the authorities to provide sufficient safeguards, given how enormous the crowd will be.

Ex-AG latest to say govt not bound by rulers’ call

Mohamed Apandi Ali says the Agong is constitutionally bound to follow the counsel of the prime minister.

Ex-CJ reminds Agong he is bound by AG’s advice even if it’s ‘not popular’ among politicians, NGOs

Abdul Hamid Mohamad says in a joint statement that any failure by the Agong to heed advice in his official duties would open up a legal challenge in which the AG could not defend him.

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