Friday, July 30, 2021

majority support

Anwar submits no-confidence motion against Muhyiddin

He also urges law minister Takiyuddin Hassan to resign.

Anwar won’t be PM even if Parliament reconvenes, analysts say

They say the PKR leader still lacks the numbers and question the extent to which an alliance with Umno would ensure political stability in the country.

When should GE15 be held?

The question is, can a general election be held less than five years after the first parliamentary session and if yes, how much earlier?

‘No Anwar’ still the rule of thumb, Umno division leaders maintain despite overtures by PKR chief

They say they have no interest in forming an alliance with PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim despite his recent statement that his party has had negotiations with Umno leaders.

Why schools can re-open but Parliament cannot convene

If the emergency is lifted and the prime minister loses a no-confidence vote, failure to agree on a PM candidate would result in a snap election.

Former speaker Ariff defends actions during 2020 crisis after criticism from ex-AG Thomas

The former judge refers to a detailed explanation of why he refused to convene the Dewan Rakyat and allowed the Agong to choose a new prime minister.

The politics of ousters: The real reason

The real reason why there are attempts to oust the prime minister is linked to the thinly veiled interests of a handful of politicians.

PH gave green light to form a majority with anyone, Anwar says

The PKR president says he agreed to the conditions given.

Long live 2021

While the effects of the pandemic may go on, we can still hope for a year free from preoccupation with numbers of the political kind.

The year when the Agong played by the book as the nation’s boss

Sultan Abdullah took great pains to prove that he is not a mere ceremonial head, and yet remained true to his constitutional role.

Our stories that got the nation talking

MalaysiaNow gave the last 100 days of an eventful 2020 the stories that sparked national debate.

2020, an unprecedented year filled with unprecedented measures

The combination of politics, public health and economic issues has made 2020 a year unlike any other.

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